The Management

Photo of Mr. Joaquin Bernaldo de Quiros

Our chairman is Mr. Joaquin Bernaldo de Quiros, also chairman of KAMS Sistemas. He has qualifications in IT, international project management and in the design of training plans. He has been involved as an entrepreneur in the Human Resources business for over thirty years.

Photo of Mrs. Arantxa Martinez Choperena

Our main partner is Mrs. Arantxa Martinez Choperena, also the chairwoman of MYTCO Consultores and an expert in organisational development, communication and training. She is a graduate in Industrial Psychology, holding a Master's degree from New York University and another Master's degree in Communication from INSEAD (Fontainebleau). She was employed as senior consultant in Human Resources by ENASA, Galerias Preciados and ARESBANK. In 1987 she was appointed organizational developer director at Q2 S.A. In 2002 she started her own company, MYTCO. Its activities include support to public and private organisations in strategic planning, management change, designing human resource management systems, organisational diagnosis, coaching and tutoring.

Photo of Mr. Ramon Trillo Marquina

Our CEO is Mr. Ramon Trillo Marquina. He obtained a bachelor's honours in Law at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE) in Madrid and holds a Post-Graduate certificate in International Commerce from the prestigious Ecole de Commerce de Solvay in Brussels. He started his career at FICAMBIO S.A., a leading firm of the interbanking market. On 2000 he joined the European Commission in Brussels. Ever since, he has worked as an expert in public procurement and finance for the European Commission in Brussels, Budapest, Tirana and in Bucharest (since July 2005). He was part of the pre-accession team of the Delegation of the European Commission to Hungary and later to Romania participating in the launching of the Phare and ISPA programmes.