Allocations of EU Funds for Romania

Regional Policy

For the period between 2007 and 2013 Romania has been allocated 19.668 million EURO through the National Strategic Reference Framework of which 12.661 million EURO represent Structural Funds (European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund) and 6.552 million EURO are allocated under the Cohesion Fund. There is also an allocation of 0,455 million EURO under the European Territorial Cooperation Objective. The Regional Policy will be implemented through six operational programs: Increase of Economic Competitiveness, Transport, Environment, Regional Operational Program, Human Resources and Administrative Capacity.

Rural Development Policy

For the same period, Romania has been allocated more than 8.022 million EURO on the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development plus 231 million EURO for the European Fisheries Fund. Romanian farmers will also have the possibility of benefiting from direct aid foreseen by the Agricultural Common Policy.

All these funds will be complemented by the allocations of the Romanian national budget.